Penta Care Consulting
Homecare and Hospice Business Development 

Cheryl Peltekis the "Solutionist", will not only solve your problems today, 
but will continuously evolve to protect your agency for tomorrow!

Create a Culture of Sales, Super Hero Customer Service, 5 Steps to Sales Success, 5 Step Selling Process, and Create  Top Dog Sales Performers are just a few of the topics.  Come back soon for sample video's.  

I am the mother of five beautiful children. I started the business in my basement with an infant on my lap. I wrote my companies Hospice Policies and Procedures with my Mom while she was receiving Hospice Services from a competitor. I lost my Mom in 2006 to Ovarian Cancer. I was born in a Nursing Home (Not actually delivered there!)  My parents where remarkable caregivers!  They opened their home to all in need.  The residents included:  My Great Grandmother, Both Grand Mothers, Grandfather, Great Aunt, Aunt and a cousin.  The house was occupied by residents my entire life time!  I thought nothing of feeding someone or changing diapers!  It was just normal!  At the age of 16, I got a job working at a hospital as an EKG tech.  My path to work in home care and hospice pretty much developed from the second I was born! 

   I truly understand the customers that we are blessed to service!  I have been traveling around the country teaching hospitals, nursing homes, and home health, hospice, and private duty companies how to provide Super Hero Customer Service!  Check out my book!