Penta Care Consulting
Homecare and Hospice Business Development 

Cheryl Peltekis the "Solutionist", will not only solve your problems today, 
but will continuously evolve to protect your agency for tomorrow!


  • Operational Assessment and Analysis
  • Sales Assessments 
  • Referral work flow process improvement

FINANCIAL:  Increase operation efficiency, support your mission and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Tools to know your real cost
  • Tools to know your activity based earnings
  • Budget review to see how you may change a small process and see a huge budget impact

Sales and Marketing Development

  • Managers can quickly and easily manage the sales/marketing process with my tools.
  • Protect your Referral source information when you have sales turnover
  • Give your team a reason to see their accounts each week
  • My process measures for a Sales manager will completely streamline reporting, and allow a manager to manage from data and remove all emotional tendencies.  This allows more more time for coaching.