Penta Care Consulting
Homecare and Hospice Business Development 

Cheryl Peltekis the "Solutionist", will not only solve your problems today, 
but will continuously evolve to protect your agency for tomorrow!

Common Reason's to Call Me!

So, you got your business open and certified.  Great!  So why are you calling me?  Well here are the questions that I typically get from an owner or administrator:


  •  But why aren't referrals coming in the way I thought they would? 
  •  Why is the hospital giving all my patients that get readmitted away? 
  •  All the doctors in my area are medical directors to a competitor so I can't get them to refer to me!
  • I need to start a sales team!
  • My top sales rep just quite, I'm scared!
  • I need a disease management program
  • Help, I can't figure out my budget!!!
  • I need to do strategic Planning!
  • I have a new rep who never sold for home health or hospice before and I need them trained!
  • I need help with a incentive plan!
  • My sales team quit and took all my business with them (Please don't let this happen- call me first)!

I will help you to increase,(any size organization) operational efficiencies.